The StartupBus 2013: Are you Watching Closely?

3 Mar


I woke up in a cold sweat at 5 am this morning I looked across the room, saw my laptop open ajar and thought “shit, we’re actually doing this thing again”…

As it turns out, after weeks of hardcore hustling, sleepless nights, countless calls and overall  hair-whitening stress; we actually pulled it off: the StartupBus Team Mexico is riding again, making its way to Austin for second go at blowing it out of the water.

Before I got out of bed I thank the Force for Jeduan, I couldn’t have gotten a better partner in crime and I would have definitely thrown the towel  a while ago, had it not been for him. We both went through the launch party in a haze, it hadn’t hit us yet that this was all happening. The only thing we did realize is that we got ONE HELL of a bus together. Our night came to an end between hardcore code, biz and design discussions with a background of improv “Hey Jude!” karaoke orchestrated by one of our buspreneurs who took over Google’s mike.

Our day started much more fast-paced. StartupBus’s “backend” is a constant stream of emergencies, everything needs to be done NOW, everything is important and there is always something missing. We glided through it with a lot of help from our friends at Tec de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe. I inspired fear of God on every one of our buspreneurs, to make sure they made their way to our first pit stop bright, early and on time. We were strategic about our route, so we’re spending as little time as possible working on the actual bus (since we have no wifi or plugs in it and Mexican wireless service is shit). Therefore, our first working station was BEFORE departure. Tec was amazing, we even got ice cream for dessert!, the internet was lightning fast and steady, we had plugs throughout the room and an assortment of chips, sodas, water, coffee and delicious meals throughout the day.

This far all I know is that Team Mexico is not only filled with talent: it is a troop of hustlers, hackers and hipsters going on a journey, together; in what can only be compared to a fellowship. There are a couple teams sharing tables with each other and I keep seeing buspreneurs going back and forth, giving each other tips, bringing food and drinks, playing and making jokes with each other. They’ve been together for little under a day, and they act like lifetime friends. That’s why I love this job as much as I do, because I get to see this and I get to catalyze it.

As far as the products go, we have people building all kinds of things with all sorts of talent combinations. There’s a team with three hustlers and a team composed only of hackers; one trying to disrupt online payments and another building a cool cloud spotting app. All conformed by people with passion to build great things and a unique kind of hunger for adventure.

It takes a very special kind of person to take a week off work to push for the impossible. We found 36 of them. It has been mind blowing to see them working from the sidelines. Regardless of what happens during the competition I know great things will come out of this experience, starting with great friendships

We’re currently making our way to Monterrey. The hardest part of this journey is coming: the part where we get little to no sleep and we make the impossible happen.

Keep watching closely.

One Response to “The StartupBus 2013: Are you Watching Closely?”

  1. Carissa 3 March, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Awesome, keep the updates coming!

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